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CEO vs Business Owner vs Self-Employed vs Entrepreneur

Business jargon! We are going to discuss some of the buzz words you will hear if you are a person interested in business. More specifically we will walk through the titles used at the top level of hierarchies in most business ventures we see around us. It would definitely be of great benefit for us to become and remain conscious of our standing in the world, put our ego's aside briefly and wonder who am I really? Where do I stand? Who would I like to be? Do my actions align? But aside from that, let us take that first little step! We will briefly define these terms and see how they differ from one another.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Now this one can be a little wide and tends to get confusing. It is not as straight forward as the rest. A CEO of an organization is a position held by a person that is voted in by a board (Board of directors) Naturally this person will be involved in the business operations hence the 'executive' in CEO. The people sitting on a board consist of members who are either executive or non-executive. They are involved in daily operation or not involved in daily operations. The CEO almost always stands as the figure head of a company. They make managerial decisions and work with staff within the company and while also report to the boards to keep the updated on the ins and outs of the business and also the shareholders. The CEO will be involved in working towards seeing the interests of the board and its shareholders come to light. The boards(along with the CEO) will decide on what direction they want to take and the CEO will then take over and work towards that goal as the head of these initiatives.

Business Owner

This one pretty much explains itself. And is the most attractive of the lot if you ask me! A business owner is a person who owns a business. I don't know how to better explain that. A business owners is a person who takes on a venture by owning a business as an investment. A business owner does not need to be involved in the operations of that day to day operations. The business basically runs with little to none involvements of the business owner.

Self Employed

Self employment can be said to be the act of offering a service, product,etc for monetary gain. You are your own employer. A self employed person trades their skill,time and effort for money. What distinguishes self employment from the rest is that business stops when you stop. The business can not run without you. Almost everything is hinged or anchored on you.


Arguably the most widely recognized of the lot. But what does this one mean? And entrepreneur is a person who takes on a business venture, a risk, offering services and products with the hope of turning a profit. You can tell someone is an entrepreneur because they will tell you, I suspect it is intrinsic to their nature. Entrepreneurs is that the are not always doing things by the book. They are always challenging the status quo and reside at the limits. They are working on new ideas, improving products,services and processes. They are seen as innovators

Digitize Africa Online, February 1, 2021