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Finding colors you like

Choosing colors is one great skill to have in life. Its also a relatively easy to learn! We need to be conscious of our environment and how people perceive what we put out. We don’t need to be a exceptional designers to choose colors that work well . We also may not have the budget to have an accomplished designer regularly consult us on what works and what doesn’t. With a little bit of trial and error, I’m sure this is a skill that can be mastered by most.

In this article we will share 3 techniques we use to pick colors for general projects. These range from full branding projects to logos, business cards, posters, websites and such. These hacks are pretty cookie cutter, they are universal and can be applied to anywhere we might need to get creative with colors.

Color theory.

Picking colors should not be done entirely on a whim. We should be able to explain why we choose to go with a set of colors. You can sort of think of color theory a set of principles which we can use to judge and explain and also choose which colors will best fit our needs. What colors do you think best align with your goals? What colors will your niche best respond to? Every color has its own different set of values attached to it by society. Some are universal all over the world, others are local to some areas. Most of the world looks at the color red as dangerous and also love and passion at the same time. Coke, KFC and Lego went with the color Red for their branding, they rationalize using this color as they claim it promotes impulsive buying. People will buy what they love right? But hey, worked for them I won't ask too many questions. Here are some examples of colors and their preceived meanings

Think of it as going on a valentine’s date. Colors do matter, red would be great primary color for a valentine's theme, not green.

colors meaning

Facebook uses blue, we could argue that the color blue is know to be a color of trust if we use color theory. It wouldn't be wrong to say facebook is built on a foundation

of trust.

There are many resources on the internet that cover the topics on color and psychology. A quick search will help you find colors that match your needs.

Color schemes

This is one really effective method that I have used and tested over the years. It feels lazy and sometimes it feels like im cheating, but it works really well. You can simply choose the colors by use of color scheme generators or premade color schemes. The best way to do it is by searching the internet for premade color schemes. Colors are free so don’t worry about taking someones colors scheme, you should however be careful not to look like a copy of someone else's work or product. Typically it is best practice to look distinguishable from other peoples work, lawsuits aren’t too much fun. We would like to stay away from those. There are also many on Pinterest and Behance that you could check out.

color picker

Colors from images

This is a method I most recently started using. One great way to find great color schemes is to use images that look great. Typically, you wouldn’t like an image that has clashing colors. You can try this with random images you like on the internet. You could use an eyedropper tool to pick out the colors from an images. You can find an eyedropper tool in apps such as Photoshop, gimp or illustrator. Or even as a browser extension.

Image website colors

image poster design

Digitize Africa Online, July 3, 2021