Web Development portfolio

Here are some of the projects we have had the honor of working on. Scroll down

Rift Fries

The team at Rift fries was looking for a solution to share their menu online and also have a way to collect customer feedback. They were looking to have a bigger reach to their community and have them learn more about their organization through their website and Google accounts. The design they were looking for was simplicity with the color blue as the theme.

riftfries website image mobile view
riftfries website image pc view
riftfries website image full page screenshot
Client: rift fries restaurant ltd Deliverables: website, qr code menu,Google my business


  • ~Online Menu
  • ~Qr code link Menu
  • ~Google Maps
  • ~CRM tool (customer feedback)
  • ~Communivation to an Android application
creatives.buzz image mobile view


Creatives is one of our pet projects, we partnered with a musician and created a platform that allows an artist to create a free account though which they could share links to their work in a cool way. This app is released as an beta release. It is open to our beta testers and also the general public.

creatives.buzz image pc view
Client: none Deliverables: web application


  • ~Email automation
  • ~Image processing
  • ~user dashboard
  • ~database/content delivery network
creatives.buzz jerome-ke


Skyline suites is a hotel that realized the need for an online reservation and room management system. They also wanted to have the staff rooster online and also their menu online. They needed a website that would show the aesthetic of the interior and rooftop views that would give a general feel of having experienced a visit of the hotel. The hotel is closed but will be open in the newer future, and so is the website.

skyline image mobile view
skyline image pc view
skyline image tablet view
Client: Skyline Suites ltd Deliverables: website


  • ~ Staff roster
  • ~ Online menu
  • ~ Online booking/room management
gamedevs kenya image mobile view


Game Devs Kenya was in need of website management services to keep their website contemporary and up to date. They a portal where they would have people view and play the games They developed. We also built for them an online platform that allows users to pay and subscribe for online video classes and learn remotely.
They were looking to have a simple design with the colors black and white as a theme. They requested to be hands on and collaborated with us through development process.

gamedevs kenya image pc view
Client: Game Devs Kenya Deliverables: website


  • ~ E-learning platform
  • ~ Online games
  • ~ Email Automation
  • ~ User management system
gamedevs kenya image full page screenshot view