Get your frequently asked questions here

How can i get started?

We are flexible and willing to work with you. First you will need to contact us and let us know what you need. We will then give you a quote based on your requirements. If the downpayment is made we will get back to you with the design within a week. Once you approve the design we will then start wworking in the project.

Do you have payment plans?

We offer monthly installment payment plans on some of our products.

How much do you charge for your services?

It can be difficult to give a definite price without having speculations and the requirements. But we price our services directly based on the comlexity, difficulty of the products along with the technical setup costs

Can I get a refund?

Yes you may so long as you are not in breach of the refund agreements. See here

How long do you take to deliver

We will give a time period of deliverables along with the quote. To avoid any delays we would urge you to avail your content(text,audio,video,branding details ) to us as soon as possible.

Will I own the product created for?

You will have full ownership once you have fully paid for the service. (i.e amount paid adds up to the one time fee)

Can i move to a different Host?

Yes, once you have paid the full amount we will help you move if need be.

Can you fix or redesign an existing website?

Yes, we offer website managment services to make sure your website is uptodate.

Do you do SEO?

Search engine optimization is a simple but difficult process. We do this for every website we create or manage by default and will show you reports.

Do you outsource?

No we do not, all of our products are developed by our developers. We sometimes do outsource conent creation in some cases. (articles, video and photography)

Do we need to have meetings

This may not be necessary but we are available for meeting to work with you.

Which name should i choose for my domain?

Choose something unique and easy to remember, Top of mind awareness